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TJ with 14 bolt rear, Dana 60 front, 40" tires with King shocks.
YJ with Dana 60 front and rear, roll cage, and custom fenders & bumpers.
LS swap on first generation, first year Mustang.
XJ with TJ nose, custom external cage and LS engine swap.
Ultra4 buggy built by us. Completed King of the Hammers in 2013!
'82 first generation Toyota, total build.'
WJ crawling in Moab.
1997 TJ with 14 bolt rear, Dana 60 front, known as "Taz".
'87 Toyota Turbo.'
2017 RZR xp1000 built up by us, including custom front bumper.
1987 Bombadier BR100 with LS swap, cage roof rack.
Definitely proves we can put an LS in almost anything!